An entertaining and insightful look into the careers and minds of todays top guitar players around the world. Exclusive guitarist interviews courtesy of Guitarhoo! Kick back, relax and enjoy.

Damon Fox

Singer, songwriter, keyboardist and leader of prog rock group Bigelf, Damon chats with us about Bigelfs latest record Into The Maelstrom, recording with drummer Mike Portnoy, an upcoming concert at the Progressive Nation At Sea cruise ship music festival, and more.

Gary Lucas

With a career spanning over 40 years, singer, songwriter, guitarist, author, and film soundtrack composer, Gary chats about his roots as a musician, his time working with Captain Beefheart, the late Jeff Buckley, latest project with Peter Hammill and more.

Chris Valagao

Singer for heavy metal group West of Hell and Zimmers Hole. Val chats with us about catching himself on fire on stage in Germany, his working relationship with fellow Canadian musician Devin Townsend, building special FX, custom motor cycles and much more.

Gaurav Bali

Lead guitarist for hard melodic rockers Adam To Eve. Gaurav chats about Eve to Adams latest record Locked and Loaded, the message behind the single Immortal, the making of video Straightjacket Supermodel, touring with Motley Crue and Creed and more.

Ethan Brosh

Shred metal guitarist and solo artist, formerly of Angels of Babylon with David Ellefson of Megadeth, Ethan Brosh chats with us about studying at Berklee College of Music, the making of his solo albums, touring with neo classical legend Yngwie Malmsteen and more.

Neal Morse

Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Neal Morse of Spocks Beard and Transatlantic chats about the early years in his musical journey, the making of Transatlantics upcoming album Kaleidoscope, preparations for a world tour, upcoming solo albums and more.

Andy Abberley

Guitarist and newest member of British rock group Diamond Head. Andy chats about his musical roots, how he got into Diamond Head, his favorite guitars and amps, an upcoming solo project and more.

Eric Schenkman

Spin Doctors and Open Hearts Society guitarist, Eric chats about his musical roots, working with legendary producer Eddie Kramer, conducting blues workshops for the Toronto District School Board, upcoming music projects, and much more.

Kasperi Heikkinen

Finnish heavy metal guitarist and member of German metal group U.D.O., Kasperi chats about his previous bands Merging Flare and Amberian Dawn, joining U.D.O., his guitars of choice, the heavy metal scene in Finland, future projects and much more.

Vinnie Moore

Heavy metal guitarist for British rock group UFO, Vinnie Moore chats with us about his roots as a musician, making video game soundtracks, his custom signature VinMan guitar by Dean Guitars, upcoming UFO projects and more.

Steve Hackett

Progressive rock guitarist, solo artist, original member of Genesis and pioneer of the two handed tapping technique, Steve takes chats about his roots as a musician, working with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, upcoming concerts, album projects and a lot more.

Michael Des Barres

Actor, singer, songwriter and guitarist, Michael has performed in over 100 films and TV series, and has released over 10 albums. Michael chats with us about his latest album Hot n Sticky Live, working on a symphonic version of Frank Zappas 200 Motels, and more.

Badi Assad

Inventive flamenco guitarist, singer and performance artist, Badi takes out some time to chat about her early years studying at the University of Rio de Janeiro, her latest album, an upcoming event at the New York Guitar Marathon, motherhood, spirituality, and more.

Will Wallner

Heavy metal guitarist, former member of White Wizzard and columnist at Guitar World magazine, Will chats about his latest project with Croatian singer Vivien Vain, touring, recording with bass player Rudy Sarzo and drummer Vinnie Appice, and more.

Felix Martin

Venezuelan jazz metal guitarist Felix Martin chats with us about his unique approach of playing double necked 14 string guitar, his latest album “The Scenic Album”, preparations for an upcoming concert with guitarist Steve Vai in Caracas, Venezuela and more.

Pierre Bensusan

With a colorful career spanning over 40 years, unique finger-style and world music acoustic guitarist Pierre Bensusan chats with us about his latest live album “Encore”, his friendship and working relationship with Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater, touring and more.

David Ellefson

The co-founding member and bassist of heavy metal giants Megadeth. David has also recorded and performed with an array of heavy metal groups such as F5, Soulfly, Killing Machine, Temple of Brutality, Hail! among others.

Jared James Nichols

A rising force in the world of blues music, a journeyman on a quest for truth in his music and performance. Jared shares with us his influences, early years as a musician, academic achievements, his Flying V guitar, and more.

Ricky Byrd

Solo artist who has had a lengthy career as a member of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Ricky takes out some time to chat about his early years as a musician, recording and touring with singer Roger Daltery (of the Who), his years as a musician and more.

Dave Reffett

Guitarist Dave Reffett chats about his early years as a musician, meeting and taking advice from Dave Mustaine of Megadeth on studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, his solo project “The Call of the Flames” and much more.

Teemu Mantysaari

Guitarist for Finnish Epic Metal group Wintersun, Teemu takes out some time from touring to chat about his early musical roots, how he joined Wintersun, Wintersuns approach to performing their detailed cinematic arrangements live, his gear of choice and more.

Kiko Loureiro

Kiko Loureiro is a metal fusion solo guitarist and founding member of Brazilian progressive rock group Angra. Kiko spends some time chatting with us about just recently performing live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which was filmed and will be available on DVD and more.

Mika Tyyska a.k.a. Mr. Fastfinger

A virtuoso guitarist, solo artist, teacher, animator and all around creative guy. In this interview Mika takes out some time to chat with us about his early years as a musician, the origins of Mr. Fastfinger, making music for video games and much more.

Roger Steen

Roger Steen is a Singer/Songwriter and lead guitarist for The Tubes. In this interview Roger chats with us about his early roots as a guitarist, the forming of Bay area legends, The Tubes and their live show pranks, the making of his latest solo album and more.

Stuart Smith

Founding member and guitarist for rock group “Heaven and Earth”, Stuart has been making music since the 70’s and has worked with numerous artists such as, Joe Lynn Turner, Ritchie Sambora, Glenn Hughes, drummer Carmine Appice, among many others.

Joe Stump

Joe Stump is a shred metal solo guitarist whom is also a member of gothic metal band Holy Hell and Reign of Terror. Joe is also the metal guitar specialist at Berklee College of Music in Boston where he has taught for 20 years.

Jon Herington

Jon Herington is a solo artist and leader of the Jon Herington Band, as well as the guitarist for legendary group Steely Dan.In this interview, Jon chats with us about his early years as a musician, touring with Steely Dan, his latest solo album and more.

Mark Vickness

Fingerstyle acoustic guitarist Mark is the co member of world folk music duo Glass House. Marks chats about his unique 8 string guitars, studying at the California Institute of the Arts, performing with The Turtle Island String Quartet, Glass House’s new album and more.

Paul Quinn

Paul Quinn has had a career spanning nearly 40 years as the guitarist for British heavy metal group Saxon.In this interview Paul takes out some time to chat about Saxon’s early years, the making of Saxon video “Sacrifice” and the bands documentary and more.

Masi Hukari and Ben Varon

Guitarists of Finland heavy metal group Amoral.Masi and Ben discuss their current tours throughout Asia, their early roots as musicians, the making of their video “Wrapped in Barbwire”, a recent trip to Jackson Custom guitars and more.

Brendan Ekstrom

Brendan Ekstrom is one of the guitarists and original member of alternative rock group Circa Survive. Here Brendan talks about touring in Asia, the guitars he prefers, the making of Circa Survive videos and much more.

Coheed and Cambria and A Skylit Drive – Pulp Summer Slam Press Conference

Coheed and Cambria and A Skylit Drive attended a press conference for the Pulp Summer Slam XIII concert in Manila, Philippines. The bands answered questions about touring, their latest and forthcoming albums and more.

Dragonforce, Circa Survive and Amoral – Pulp Summer Slam Press Conference

DragonForce, Circa Survive and Amoral attended a press conference for the Pulp Summer Slam XIII concert in Manila, Philippines. The bands answered questions about their recent tours throughout Asia, their latest albums and more.

Gus G.

Guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne and Firewind, Gus has released over 8 albums with Firewind, has toured the world over with Ozzy Osbourne, has released several instructional DVD’s and more. Here Gus chats with us about his early roots as a musician and more.

Monte Pittman

Touring and session musician, and solo artist Monte Pittman.Monte takes out some time to chat about his early roots as a musician, working with Madonna, previous bands Prong, The Citizen Vein (with Adam Lambert), his signature custom guitar and more.

Ian Crichton

Guitarist for Canadian Progressive Rock group SAGA, Ian speaks with us about his musical roots in Eastern Canada, the inner makings of the trademark Saga sound, Saga’s latest record “20-20”, performing with Yes, Asia, a concert in the Bahamas and more.

Paul Dean

Guitarist and founding member of Canadian Rock band Loverboy, Paul Dean.Paul takes some time out from touring with Loverboy, Journey and Pat Benatar, to chat about his early roots as a musician, his first bands and the music scene in the Prairies of Canada.

Dani Macchi

Guitarist, songwriter and founding member of Italian rock band, “Belladonna”. Dani chats with us about his roots as a musician, songwriting, Grammy award nominations, his beloved guitar “Dory”, upcoming music from Belladonna and more.

Dave Meniketti

Guitarist, singer/songwriter and leader of Bay Area rock band Y&T (a.k.a. Yesterday and Today) Dave Meniketti takes out some time to chat about his early years, vocal techniques, performing live, recording in is his home studio and more.

K.K. Downing

Founding member, formerly of legendary heavy metal group Judas Priest, K.K. takes out some time with us to talk about his early years as a guitarist, musical influences, the original roots of Judas Priest, guitars, and more.

Eric Johnson

Grammy Award winning guitarist and solo artist, Eric Johnson, speaks with us about his writing process and the making of his solo album Bloom, touring with Joe Satriani, highlights from his extensive career and more.

John Petrucci

Guitarist for Dream Theater.John speaks with us about his early years as a musician, touring, his solo record “Suspended Animation” and more.

Dale Turner

Guitarist, solo artist, West Coast Editor for Guitar One magazine and GIT teacher, Dale speaks with us about his early years as a musician, transcribing professionally, present projects and more

Felicia Collins

Guitarist for the CBS Orchestra, session and touring guitarist.Felicia chats with us about her musical background, experiences and latest music projects.

Steve Lukather

Having performed on over 1000 records in his session career, toured the world over with Toto and other artists, writing and producing commercial hits, Steve takes out some time to chat about his musical journey and more.

Ottmar Liebert

Pioneer of Nouveau Flamenco music and leader of Luna Negra. Ottmar chats with us about his upbringing, musical philosophies, past projects, latest release “La Semana” and much more.

Miki Black

Heavy guitarist, pianist and model. Miki Black shares with us her musical upbringing, experiences in the arts, present recording and film projects, and much more.

Johannes Linstead

Canadian solo nouveau flamenco guitarist.Johannes speaks with us about his early years as a musician, recording, spirituality and more.

Stevie Salas

Solo guitarist and artist. Stevie talks with Guitarhoo! about guitar techniques, song writing, life, past experiences with other artists and more.

John 5

Solo guitarist formerly of Marilyn Manson. John 5 chats with us about his latest record Songs for Sanity, and much more.

Jennifer Batten

Session, touring and solo guitarist. Jennifer speaks with us about recording, touring, new projects and more.

Michael “Olga” Algar

Michael “Olga” Algar, Grand Daddy of Punk rock music and the leader of The Toy Dolls. Olga chats with us about his early years as a musician, cover tunes, guitars, life on the road, Our Last Album?, Our Last DVD?, mojo and more!

Liona Boyd

Having won multiple awards globally, performing with some of the biggest names in music, touring the finest concert halls in the world, The First Lady of Guitar spends some time with us reflecting on her musical adventures and much more.

Mattias IA Eklundh

Freak guitarist, vocalist, writer, band leader, producer, guitar teacher and all around good guy, Mattias IA Eklundh sits down with us to talk technique, harmonics, tuning and freedom of speech

Alice Stuart

One of the original members of Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention in the 60’s, Alice speaks with us about those times, songwriting, touring, her encounters with many other legendary musicians and so much more.

Mike Keneally

Having performed in Frank Zappa’s touring band, Mike chats with us about his many experiences as well as his solo projects, Beer For Dolphins, and much more.

Adrian Belew

Having been a stunt guitarist for one year, Adrian speaks candidly about his experiences and kinship with Frank Zappa. As well as his own solo projects, The Bears, King Crimson and many other entertaining stories from his adventurous career…

Joy Basu

Solo artist, session and tour guitarist and GIT teacher, Joy speaks openly with Guitarhoo! about his early years, tour experiences, latest release “SinErgy” and more.

Dave Martone

Solo guitarist, instructor, clinician and leader of Canadian progressive rock band Martone. Dave chats with us about his early years as a musician, writing, improv, new projects and more.

Rusty Cooley

7 and 8 string shredder. Rusty speaks with us about his early years, his band Outworld and more.

Vernon Neilly

Solo guitarist and artist. Vernon speaks with us about writing, recording, performing, his signature guitar and more!