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    Damon Fox
    Singer, songwriter, keyboardist and leader of psychedelic prog rock group Bigelf, Damon chats with us about Bigelfs latest record Into The Maelstrom, recording with drummer Mike Portnoy, new Bigelf guitarist Luis Carl... Read on...

    Gary Lucas
    With a career spanning over 40 years, singer, songwriter, guitarist, author, and film soundtrack composer, Gary chats about his roots as a musician, his time spent working with Captain Beefheart, the late Jeff Buckley... Read on...

    Chris Valagao
    Lead vocalist for heavy metal group West of Hell and Zimmers Hole, Chris The Heathen Valagao spends some time to chat about West of Hells latest album Spiral Empire, touring in Canada and New Zealand, his early roots ... Read on...

    Gaurav Bali
    Hard rock and melodic guitarist Gaurav Bali is the lead guitarist for Eve To Adam. Gaurav chats with us about Eve To Adams latest album Locked and Loaded, the making of the videos Immortal and Straightjacket Supermode... Read on...

    Ethan Brosh
    Heavy metal shred guitarist and solo artist, formerly of Angels of Babylon, Ethan chats with us about studying at Berklee College of Music, the process of recording his solo album Out of Oblivion with drummer Mike Man... Read on...

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    Dani Macchi
    Rocking Europe for over 10 years, guitarist and founding member of Italian rock band Belladonna, Dani Macchi takes some time out and revisits his favorite five records which have impacted him the most musically and in... Read on...

    Will Wallner
    Previous member of metal group White Wizzard and co-founder of Will Wallner and Vivien Vain, heavy and melodic guitarist Will Wallner shares his top 5 favorite albums which have impacted him the most musically. Read on...

    Jared James Nichols
    Raw and raucous blues guitarist, singer and songwriter, Jared James Nichols takes out some time with us to share his top favorite five records which have influenced him the most in life and as a musician. Read on...

    Stuart Smith
    Guitarist and founding member of rock group Heaven and Earth, Stuart Smith has had a career in music spanning four decades. Here, Stuart shares his top favorite five records which have impacted him the most musically. Read on...

    Jon Herington
    A solo artist who has released five records to date, Jon Herington is also the touring and recording session guitarist for Steely Dan, The Dukes of September Rhythm Revue, Boz Scaggs and several other top rated perfor... Read on...

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