Robert Dahlqvist is a guitarist and vocalist most known for his work with the Swedish rockband The Hellacopters. He's also the lead singer and guitarist in Thunder Express, a band originally started as a sideproject to his work with The Hellacopters. Recently the band released record in Swedish under the name Dundertåget.

Dahlqvist was born in Uddevalla, Sweden in 1976 and got his first guitar at the age of ten and attended music school but quit after a month frustrated over not being allowed to play Kiss songs. Five years later at age fifteen his mother got him an electric guitar and he started to focus more seriously on his playing. Dahlqvist soon started playing in bands and worked at a bar where he got to know members of the Swedish rock band The Hellacopters.

After the departure of guitarist Dregen in early 1998 The Hellacopters brought in temporary replacements Chuck Pounder and Mattias Hellberg to tour with them. In 1999 The Hellacopters recorded Grande Rock with the band's pianist Anders Lindström on rhythm guitar and started to look for a permanent guitarist. When Dahlqvist heard about this he contacted the band and asked for the opportunity for an audition, and after a few jam sessions together Dahlqvist was chosen as the band's new guitarist.

During his time in The Hellacopters Dahlqvist recorded four studio albums, four EPs, two split albums and many other releases. Bands and artists that The Hellacopters collaborated with during Dahlqvist's time in the band included Gluecifer, The Flaming Sideburns, Scott Morgan, Backyard Babies, Pelle Almqvist, Thomas Öberg and many others. In October 2007, The Hellacopters announced they would be breaking up after releasing their last full length album Head Off; until late October the band was on the road with their The Tour Before the Fall.

In 2004 Dahlqvist formed Thunder Express along with Robert Pehrsson (Death Breath), Jens Lagergren and Jesper Karlsson. The name is taken from a MC5 song as a tribute to the MC5 and their music. With the help of other musicians, songwriters, bandmates and close friends, the band released their debut album We Play for Pleasure in 2004. In 2007 the band followed up their debut album with "Republic Disgrace". During The Tour Before the Fall with The Hellacopters Dahlqvist revelead plans for a Swedish record under the name Dundertåget. In 2009 the band released their debut album - Skaffa Ny Frisyr - which was followed up with Dom Feta Åren är Förbi in 2010.

Dahlqvist has been a steady member of Stefan Sundström's backing band; Sundström also helped out with lyrics for the new Dundertåget record. Dahlqvist also recorded lead guitar for the song "Soulmover" for fellow band member Nick Royale and Scott Morgan's soul band The Solution on their second album Communicate!. He also recorded and toured with band member Anders Lindström's former band The Diamond Dogs in 2004. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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